• Bolgers Extra Strong Rabbit Skin Glue  - high gram strength hide wood glue 250g

Bolgers Extra Strong    Rabbit Skin Glue (Hide Glue) 250 gram bag High gram strength Hide Glue (approx 510 gram strength) Fast Setting, Extra strong   Low colour and odour, No Toxic fumes Interior use only As used and recommended by the Antique and Musical Trade  Rabbit skin glue is a dry powder that is dissolved in warm water to make a very strong traditional glue that has many uses including: Woodworking, Furniture making, making Gesso for Gilding, making Musical instruments (Violins, Guitars, Bellows, Musical boxes) Bookbinding, Artwork, Frame making, Paper & Canvas sizing and the sizing of wood panels prior to painting. Bolger Extra Strong Rabbit skin glue is a super strong wood glue, it is a fast setting hide glue and the work time is short its only a few minutes because the glue sets on cooling it is regarded as the original hot glue, because like a hot glue gun the glue sets on cooling. Although the strength of Bolger Extra Strong Rabbit skin glue is countless times stronger than a modern hot glue gun.   Rabbit skin glue has low creep and more flexible when dry when compared to a normal Pearl glue or liquid Hide glue. Its because of the glues flexibility that its used for making musical bellows and for bookbinding. Rabbit skin glued items can be disassembled for doing repairs, by soaking or injecting the joint in hot water, and when the item is later re glued, the new glue bonds as one with the old glue, something modern glues simply cannot do. Rabbit Skin glue does have one totally unique feature in that the glue attracts metal, which is why it is used for gilding and popular for veneer and woodworking on classic cars.  To use: For best results the dry glue should be first soaked in water for at least hour or two, (better still left to soak overnight) so that the dry glue can naturally soften and absorb a sufficient quantity of water. Use about 1 part glue powder to 4 - 5 parts water (by volume). After the water has been absorbed, then add more water and gently heat the mixture in a double boiler to just below boiling point, it is important not to allow the glue to boil, because boiling will induce bubbles and this reduces the adhesive strength of the glue and likewise do not heat the glue for a long period.  As the mixture is heated, the dry glue powder dissolves entirely to form a thick, syrupy liquid. Many people then strain the glue through a pair of old tights into a clean glass jar (or if you only need a small quantity an old film canister is perfect).  Use the glue warm and apply the glue with a brush, give the glue the occasional gentle stir.  Any leftover glue in the jar can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and then re heated. If you don’t store this glue in the fridge in a few days it will go mouldy.  The glue can also be reused a further 2 – 3 times by re-melting the glue, but discarded the glue when it is old or dirty.  It is a good idea to just make a small quantity and make the glue as required, because remelted glue is not as strong as freshly prepared glue. If you keep the Rabbit skin powder dry, it will last possibly indefinitely and as it gets older it will actually make an even stronger glue! Rabbit skin glue (or RSG as its called in the antiques trade) is not just made from the skin, it’s made from the collagen in the bones, teeth etc and the glue was originally called "rabbit collagen". Rabbit skin glue has been used for thousands of years, (since at least 200 BC) and Paintings from the renaissance period used rabbit skin glue with linseed oil paints, but Linseed oil can destroys canvass over time, and the rabbit skin glue used as sizing was found to protect the canvass, even centuries later.     To make traditional Gesso for Gilding: Fill a 200g glass jar with cold water and add about 7 heaped teaspoons of rabbit skin glue and leave it soak for 4 – 6 hours. Then heat the mixture in a double boiler, but don’t allow it to boil, then strain. Then add 6 - 7 heaped tablespoons of “whiting” and gently stir trying not to make bubbles and then strain again. Rabbit skin glue is used for gilding because this glue actually attracts the metal. We have listed in our Shop other products like Whiting, book sheets of Gold Leaf, full range of Gilt Creams, Gilt Varnish & Gilt filler sticks etc.    For Antique Bookbinding Repairs; Rabbit skin glue is the traditional glue used for bookbinding, when making up the glue for bookbinding repairs, add up to 5% glycerin and this makes the glue more flexible, although the glue does deteriorate after a few hundred years! For Sizing: For sizing canvas, paper or wood panels prior to painting; Soak 12 parts water to 1 part rabbit skin glue For sticking wood Veneer to metal surfaces  Rabbit skin glue is used by vintage car restorers to stick wood veneer to metal surfaces. Other uses: Rabbit skin glue is traditionally used by Hatmaker's to stiffen hats, its also used for doing wig repairs  ( although, dispite the rummers, Alan does still have all his own hair, its just gone white, thin and patchy, but it is still there!) Trade Tip If you are using Rabbit Skin Glue (or Pearl Glue) then a 4" x 2" Cabinet Scraper is a handy tool to have, we sell Cabinet Scrapers singly and in sets in our Shop   Endless Green Group Ltd is an established family business, registered in England & Wales No 7836553.  We offer a range of products at competitive prices, combined with a fast and friendly service. Buy with confidence; check out our excellent customer feedback. A VAT invoice is available on request – please message us at time of purchase. 

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Bolgers Extra Strong Rabbit Skin Glue - high gram strength hide wood glue 250g

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