• Bolgers Water Soluble Wood Dye Powder - Make Your Own Wood Stain - 20g Bag

Bolgers Water Soluble Wood Dye Powder 1 x 20g Bag Please select colour from drop down box. Add to 1 litre of tap water to make VOC Free & Odourless wood dye.Colours in our image were achieved by applying one coat to pine, and are shown are a guide only; your results may vary. An effective way of making your own VOC Free wood stains quickly and easily and in any volume. In their powder form Bolgers Wood Dye Powders have an unlimited shelf life when kept in a sealed bag/container out of sunlight. All colours can be mixed to create unique colours and can also be used to tint Bolgers Walnut Crystals. Enough colour should be mixed to complete a project because, just like stains and dyes from large manufacturers, each batch of colour you make will vary slightly.How to use: Add 20g of powder to 1 litre of hot (not boiling) water and stir thoroughly to mix. Allow to stand for a few minutes and stir again to ensure all powder has been dissolved. Exceeding 20g of powder per litre of water may result in some sediment forming, this can be remedied by adding a little more warm water to the container before beginning to apply the colour. NB: do not add more water to the mixture once application has begun. Colour can be further diluted to create a wash effect. To mix one or more colours together make up a solution of each colour first and mix the liquids, testing on a spare piece of wood until the desired colour is achieved. When a deeper colour is required apply two or more coats. Dyes may be applied with a brush, sponge or cloth; application method will affect both coverage per litre and depth of colour. If a stronger colour is required apply more coats. Once dry the colour can be dampened slightly and re-worked to eliminate any brush marks. NB: Areas of wood with knots and an open grain will take more colour and be darker than close grained timber - always test colour on the same species of timber first. Spirit based varnishes, oils and wax polishes may all be applied over Bolgers water based wood stains. Using a water based wood finish reactivates the dye, allowing some colour to transfer into the first coat of finish; once this first coat has dried no further colour bleeding should occur. For best results apply water based finishes by spraying. The following powder dye colours carry warnings - full details are supplied on the product label.Charcoal - Warning - May cause an allergic skin reaction. Causes serious eye irritation. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Green 1 - Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Yellow 1 - Warning - May cause an allergic skin reaction.We ship to all locations with Royal Mail. 24hr Courier is available to Mainland England & Wales only for this product.Endless Green Group Ltd is an established family business, registered in England & Wales No 7836553.  We offer a range of products at competitive prices, combined with a fast and friendly service. Buy with confidence; check out our excellent customer feedback. A VAT invoice is available on request – please message us at time of purchase. --------------------------------------------Also available from our shop Bolgers Walnut CrystalsMake natural, non-toxic and odourless wood stainBolgers walnut crystals dissolve in water to create a whole range of brown shades and may be tinted with Bolgers Water Soluble Wood Dye Powders or Bolgers Water Based Ready Made Wood Dyes. -----------------------------------------------------Bolgers Water Based Wood Dye - Ready Made Available in 500ml and 50ml bottles these ready mixed colours are available in a similar colour range as Bolgers Water Soluble Powder Wood Dyes and also a wide range of traditional wood colours.      

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Bolgers Water Soluble Wood Dye Powder - Make Your Own Wood Stain - 20g Bag

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