• Fine Honing paste - for leather strop sharpening - Smurf Poo - BLUE BAR  110g

Fine Blue Honing Paste Bar - Rating 5/8 a.k.a. Smurf Poo Made in the UK  A multi purpose and final stage buffing bar primarily intended as a final stage polishing bar for Copper, Brass and Bronze. The abrasive used in our Blue compound is a is silica free ( Silica is basically sand and corrodes ferrous metals) allowing it to be used in industry for polishing Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Chrome, Nickel plate and Zinc. Suitable for use with stitched, loose leaf and Sisal buffing wheels, Blue is a popular choice in the automotive trade for polishing Aluminium. Because our Blue is silica free it has become very popular with the Military, Bushcrafters, Preppers and Scout groups for sharpening high carbon and stainless steel bushcraft and survival type knives in the field using a piece of Leather Strop. To use on a leather strop simply rub the bar on the rough side of the leather, then hold the bevel of the knife against the leather while pushing from left to right for a minute or two to achieve a razor sharp polished edge. Our Blue bars have become more widely known worldwide on youtube as " Smurf Poo " (such a great name, only wish we had thought of it).    We have many types of buffing bars and buffing wheels listed in our Shop; detail can be found below.Please note: We ship to all locations with Royal Mail. Courier delivery for this product is available to Mainland England & Wales only.  Endless Green Group Ltd is an established family business, registered in England & Wales No 7836553.  We offer a range of products at competitive prices, combined with a fast and friendly service. Buy with confidence; check out our excellent customer feedback. A VAT invoice is available on request – please message us at time of purchase. Our Buffing bars are graded with two numbers from 1 to 10 divided by a / and refers to the abrasiveness of the bar (first number) and how much shine it will give (2nd number). The first number is called "The Cut" - the higher this number is the rougher the abrasive will be and the more stock (material) will be removed from the work piece. The second number is "The Colour" or sheen/shine and refers to how much shine the compound will give - the higher this number is the higher the shine will be.   e.g. 10/1 -  Most stock removal and least shine = semi bright or lined finish. 1/10 - Least stock removal and most shine = fully bright or mirror finish    1st Stage cleaning and polishing compounds Grey  ( Ferrous metals like Iron & Steel ) rating  8/4  Brown ( Non Ferrous metals like Brass, Copper and Aluminium ) rating  7/7 Final Stage Polishing Compounds Green  ( Stainless Steel ) rating 7/8   Pink  ( Chrome) rating  4/8  White - aka White Rouge  ( Aluminium & Chrome ) rating 3/9 Yellow ( Resins & Plastics ) rating 4/7  Red ( Jeweller Rouge)  (Gold & Silver ) rating 1/9 Blue - aka Smurf Poo ( Copper, Brass & Bronze )  rating 5/8  If you want a general purpose buffing bar then Blue is an excellent choice  The Endless Green range of Polishing Compounds ( also called Buffing Soap ) covers most polishing applications; from high metal removal to a mirror bright finish. Each type of Polishing Compound is formulated from different abrasives and includes calcined and fused aluminas, hematite, oxides, tripolis, emery, pumice, chalks and many more. These different abrasives are selected for their degrees of hardness and their particle size, both of which have an effect on the material being polished. The abrasive is combined with a blend of fats, resins, waxes and oils  (which act as a binding agent and is generally referred to as grease) and are then coloured with a dye for easy identification - with the exception of Jewellers Rouge which takes its colour from the abrasive itself. The abrasiveness (or polishing properties) of all buffing bars can be changed or enhanced by combining them with either a harder or softer pattern buffing wheel. For example using a very highly abrasive buffing bar like Grey with a Sisal wheel will increase the cutting ability of the compound, while combining it with a softer wheel would reduce the abrasiveness. The abrasive properties of all the polishing compounds can be manipulated in this way.   The colours used in our bars are traditionally associated with specific polishing tasks; but the actual colour means nothing whatsoever (apart from our Jewellers Rouge) and is only a dye colour used to easily identify each type of buffing bar. The term "Cut and Colour" in the trade means to "cut back" the material to its original colour.   1st stage polishing (also called Burnishing) means just that - its the first stage of polishing which might include removing tooling, grinding or casting marks, removing a surfaces finish or removing scratches, blemishes or rust etc. The next stage(s) polishes the work piece to a higher sheen. Many professional polishers do 2, 3 or even 4 stages of polishing using a finer grade of buffing bar each time or sometimes the same bar with a softer or different pattern wheel. Brown, Green and Blue bars are all regarded as multi stage or dual purpose buffing bars. For information the various polishing stages are often called: Stage 1 = Burnishing.   Stage 2 = Pre-polishing.  Stage 3 = Polishing.  4)  Finishing (or super finishing). We have written more information about each type of buffing bars below.  Grey - For 1st stage polishing of Ferrous metals  ( Iron, Steel and Stainless Steel ) rating  8/4  Made from Fused Alumina this coarse grade abrasive grit is ideal for greater stock removal (removal of casting and grinding marks, rust etc) and has a very high cutting rate. Use on Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tool Steel and other ferrous metals and use a sisal buffing wheel for maximum stock removal, or a stitched cotton wheel when a less abrasive cutting action is needed. Use a green or white bar for the final polish. Not suitable for use on soft metals like Gold, Silver, Pewter, Nickel or Platinum.   Brown (tripoli compound) - For 1st stage polishing of Non - Ferrous metals  ( Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Gold and Silver. Also used for Hard Plastics and Hardwoods )  rating  7/7 A medium hard compound, generally regarded as being a multi purpose and first stage polishing bar, ideal for polishing of Brass, Copper and other non ferrous metals. Commonly used by Jewellers for 1st stage polishing of Gold and Silver our Brown Polishing Compound is used in industry for polishing Cellulose Acetate, Phenol-urea, Melamine Formaldehyde Resins, Bakelite and also used for polishing hardwood to a high sheen. Brown is also used by stickmakers and craftworkers for polishing horn. Best used with a Stitched cotton wheel, it can also be used with a Sisal buffing wheel if a more aggressive cutting action is required, or a loose leaf wheel for a higher sheen.     Green - For Final Stage polishing of Very Hard Metals - (Stainless Steel and Tool Steel ): rating 7/8   Made with Calcined Alumina abrasive (which is silica free) green it regarded as being a multi purpose and a final stage polishing compound that produces a mirror bright finish on very hard materials like Stainless Steel, High Carbon Steel and Tool Steel. Can be used with stitched, sisal or loose leaf wheels and is used on both felt wheels and a leather power strop for tool sharpening; also used by the trade to polish coral. Sometimes referred to as Green Rouge. Pink - For Final Stage polishing of Stainless steel and Chrome:  rating  4/8  Similar too, but less abrasive than the Green compound, Pink is for the final stage polishing of very hard materials like Stainless Steel, High Carbon Steel and Tool Steel. With a lower stock removal than green it can be used on chrome plate and also the harder metals when a less abrasive cutting action is required. Recommended for use with a Stitched Cotton buffing wheel, or a loose leaf buffing wheel, it could also be used with hard felt, leather or Sisal wheels if required.   White ( also known as White Rouge ) - For Final Stage polishing of Aluminium & Chrome:  rating 3/9 Made with high grade ultra fine Calcined Alumina abrasive which is silica free, it is used for fine scratch removal and to produce a bright, mirror finish on Aluminium, Chrome and Nickel plate. It may also be used on Zinc, Brass and ferrous metals. Use with a Stitched Cotton wheel, loose leaf wheel or with a Sisal wheel.  Our White buffing bar is preferred choice for polishing Aluminium and Chrome, because of its cleaner cut / non greasy finish. Our White buffing bar is also used by jewellers for 1st stage polishing of platinum, hence the name White Rouge.      Yellow - Low speed, Final Stage polishing of Resins & Hard Plastics:  rating  4/7  Used for final stage polishing of hard plastics & resins, with either a stitched cotton wheel or a loose leaf pattern wheel, and are popular with woodturners for polishing resin pens and are also used by model and set makers. Our Yellow buffing bar is now the preferred choice of the plastics industry for low speed 2nd stage polishing of Cellulose Acetate, Phenol-urea, Melamine Formaldehyde Resins and may also be used for light polishing of lacquer resins.   Cream - High speed Final Stage  polishing of Hard Plastics:  rating  5/9  Similar to our standard Yellow compound, Lemon was developed for polishing hard plastics at a faster speed and with a slightly lower cutting action. For final polishing of hardwoods, composite materials and hard plastics: including Cellulose Acetate, Phenol-urea, Melamine Formaldehyde Resins and other hard plastics.     Red / Rouge ( Jewellers Rouge) - For Final Stage polishing of  Gold & Silver:  rating  1/9   Red is also called Jewellers Rouge ( Rouge is simply the French word for Red ) and is used to polish Gold, Silver, Pewter, Nickel, Platinum (and other soft metals) and also glass. Our Rouge compound gets its colour from a special, high quality grade of Iron (111) oxide abrasive (which produces an ultra fine finish that enhances the colour of gold) and not from an inferior abrasive which has been added to a coloured wax bar to imitate Jewellers Rouge. Recommended for use with a Loose leaf buffing wheel (or any type of soft buffing wheel) red has a very slow, ultra fine cutting action which requires metal to be polished to a very good standard before finishing with the red to achieve a mirror like finish. 

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Fine Honing paste - for leather strop sharpening - Smurf Poo - BLUE BAR 110g

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