• High Quality Red Ebony Veneer -  Flexible Wood Veneer Sheet

PAPER  BACKED  FLEXIBLE  RED EBONY VENEER dimensions of each individual leaf 140cm by 31cm 0.6mm thick280cm by 31cm 0.6mm thick280cm by 64cm 0.6mm thick                                                      total meterage:  0,43m2   /  0,86m2   /  1,68m2 price for a single leafhigh quality veneer, nice grain patternPostage prices are for UK MAINLAND onlyFrance, Spain, Italy, Sweden and the EU - £9How to cut - generally cut with a sharp knife or scissors.How to apply - Paper backed veneers are generally applied with wood glue and must have pressure applied while drying.How to finish - most any conventional finishing products can be used with veneer that is applied correctly.Is made from the finest wood veneer for outstanding character and figure. Premium wood veneers are permanently bonded to a resin saturated backing which allows maximum flexibility.  The backing also minimizes seasonal expansion and contraction of the wood caused by changes in ambient humidity. Can be varnished, stained, oiled, waxed, etc.This paper backed veneer is obtained from fast-growing trees grown on plantations in Africa. Natural material is rotary cuted to veneer sheets, which after the removal of defects and imperfections are subjected to gluing to special blocks. In this form wood is ressed what gives the right pattern on veneer. Than the block is cutted on single sheets – veneers. The resulting material is a reflection of veneers obtained using traditional method. However  in the case of modified veneer, we have full guarantee repeatability of grain and color.

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High Quality Red Ebony Veneer - Flexible Wood Veneer Sheet

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