• Woodturning Centre Finder - simple tool used to find & mark the centre of wood

Woodturning Centre Finder Perfect for lathework and other craft uses Clear - high impact plastic construction Locate centres of spindles prior to lathe mounting This is must have tool for every woodturner, it's a simple, quick and effective tool to find and mark the centre point of round, hexagon or square stock up to approx 8" in diameter  (hexagon up to 5 3/4" )  As a woodturner myself,  I use this centre finder for marking the centre point for my live centre or screw chuck.  I also find this tool useful for marking out a bowl blank, (I drill the central point using a forstner bit to fit my chuck jaws) and also use it to mark where to screw on a face plate. In terms of waste wood when roughing out the centre finder is a cost effective tool, and more importantly makes the wood safer to turn, as the wood will be more centrally balanced.  To use: Place the center finder over the end of the wood, mark a line, then rotate the center finder approximately 90° and then mark a second line. The intersection of crosshairs of the two lines will define the centre of the work piece.    Endless Green Group Ltd is an established family business, registered in England & Wales No 7836553.  We offer a range of products at competitive prices, combined with a fast and friendly service. Buy with confidence; check out our excellent customer feedback. A VAT invoice is available on request – please message us at time of purchase.    All items below are listed in our ShopVisit our shop to see our range of Planet lathe drives, penmaking mandrels and accessories.----------------------------------------------------------- Bolgers 6 x 50ml Wood Stain  50ml of each of the following colours supplied - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange & Black Available in Light Fast (spirit based) or Water Based. Colours within each range may be mixed together to create new colours. Ideal for woodturning, modelmaking and sculpture. ---------------------------------------   Bolgers bolpol™ WT3 Woodturning Sticks Pack of two – approximately 20g each. Slim design makes for easier use on intricate turning. Suitable for applying to small turned pieces on a lathe or use with a polishing wheel for larger items and furniture. Rich in carnauba wax with added beeswax, Bolgers bolpol™ woodturning sticks are a natural product made in moulds which have not been sprayed with release agents, which can transfer to the work piece. With a silky smooth, crisp, hard finish and high shine bolpol™ woodturning sticks are ideal for applying over dyed/stained wood or for just enhancing woods natural beauty. Apply over sanding sealer for best results.

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Woodturning Centre Finder - simple tool used to find & mark the centre of wood

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